Female Football

Olympic FC has developed a female football strategy to grow female participation in football. We are creating an environment that creates opportunities for females of all ages to develop skills and confidence as a player, coach, official or volunteer, while supporting their personal growth.

We aim to deliver quality female football programs that inspire and promotes females in all avenues of football.

We will do this by:  

  • Developing players and coaches for progression from within the club
  • Offering free Introduction to football programs for girls aged 4 – 7 years.
  • Offering Girls FC, a girls-only program for ages 6-12 years
  • Introducing an All Ability program for girls and boys with special needs.

Our goals for the immediate future are:



Upgrade female facilities

  • To build more female friendly change rooms by end of 2022 season

Increase junior membership, especially girls

  • Increase participation from girls in local area and schools
  • Grow Girls FC program by 50%
  • Increase participation in girls’ football from within Greek community by 50%

Increase sponsorship

  • Gain two new sponsors for the Female Football program

Develop female coaches from within the club

  • Appoint a Director of Female Football
  • Collaborate with a mentor for Director of Female Football and other female coaches✅
  • Appoint female assistant coaches
  • Run club funded coaching courses✅

Increase female participation in volunteer roles throughout the club

  • Increase board representation by 20% (currently 25% females on board)
  • Women’s subcommittee (80% female) to increase presence and run more programs✅
  • Run regular referee courses with Football Brisbane✅
  • Implement Q&A sessions for managers and ground official roles for female members

Increase the number of female referees

  • Run regular referee courses with Football Brisbane✅
  • Encourage all female players and members to do referee courses for greater understanding✅
  • Create a supportive and safe environment for referees✅

✅ = Action Completed

Find a team or ask a question:  femalefootball@olympicfc.net.au

Sponsor queries:  femalefootball@olympicfc.net.au

If you’d like to join the Olympic FC Committee and get things done: secretary@olympicfc.net.au