Olympic FC


Olympic FC announces with a mix of gratitude and sadness the resignation of Andrew Catton, our esteemed Technical Director. After only a short period of dedicated service and contribution, Andrew Catton has decided to step down as Technical Director of Olympic FC for family reasons.

“Leaving was not an easy decision as fulfilling the Technical Director at a massive club like this has been a goal of mine since I started coaching when I was 20 years old, but it is the right one for myself, and more importantly my family, who must come first”.

During his tenure, Andrew has exhibited an unwavering commitment to excellence, pushing the boundaries of innovation and leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of our club’s success. His vision and strategic approach have been instrumental in elevating our football program to new heights, attracting talented players, and establishing a strong foundation for the future.

“Olympic has some wonderfully talented players in the Academy and I look forward to closely following their development and progression as they get older”.

Under Andrew’s leadership, our club has experienced numerous milestones and achievements, including the implementation of programs that has benefitted the footballing development of many of our Academy and SAP players both boys and girls. His unparalleled knowledge of the game, ability to foster talent, and dedication to player development have been pivotal in re-shaping our club’s identity and nurturing a culture of excellence.

In a statement, Andrew expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to serve Olympic and shared, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to become involved with Olympic FC. The club is one with a lot of potential and I am certain that the foundations are in place for a successful future. I am extremely proud of the many achievements and changes of behaviour we have managed at the club during my tenure, I think we have made some really positive steps in the right direction, particularly in the Girls space, the focus on the development of the individual player and also with the platforms available for analysis to enhance our player services, along with the accountability the Academy Coaching staff are held to”.

While we are saddened by the departure of such a valued leader, we understand and respect Andrew’s decision. His departure leaves big shoes to fill, but the search for a worthy successor who will build upon Andrew’s legacy and continue to drive our club forward has begun and a new Technical Director’s appointment is imminent.

Olympic FC would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Andrew for his exceptional contributions, tireless dedication, and unwavering passion. His impact on our club, players, coaching staff, and overall football program is immeasurable, and we will forever cherish the memories and achievements made under his guidance.

As we bid farewell to Andrew, we remain resolute in our commitment to upholding the standards of excellence and innovation that he helped instil in our club. We are confident that our strong foundation, talented coaching staff, and passionate players will continue to thrive and carry forward Andrew’s legacy.