2021 Olympic FC Senior Awards Night Winners

Olympic FC

The 2021 season officially drew to a close with the Olympic Senior Awards Night at the Olympic Taverna on Wednesday evening.

View the full list of award winners from the 2021 Olympic FC Senior Awards night below.

NPL Women
Player’s Player: Matalena Daniells
Best and Fairest: Julia Duffy
Philotimo Award: Elizabeth Doherty
Tessi Tsangaris Award: Teani Karalouka

Player’s Player: Danny Driver
Best and Fairest: Zac Anderson
Golden Boot: Daniel Leck

NPL U23 Women
Player’s Player: Taleisha Derrick
Best and Fairest: Ky Bousen
Most Improved: Sofia Karalouka

NPL U23 Men
Player’s Player: Declan Baker
Best and Fairest: Nathan Weckert
Most Improved: Jayden Dee

NPL U18 Men
Player’s Player: Elijah Vincent-Tooth
Best and Fairest: Luke Barton
Most Improved: Geordan Vaitsas

Community Football

City 3 Silver
Player’s Player: Ben Dusi
Best and Fairest: Ben Dusi
Most Improved: Riley Clark

City 4 Gold
Player’s Player: Anthony Moughan
Best and Fairest: Kosi Yannakopoulos
Most Improved: Chris Stamatiou

City 4 Silver
Player’s Player: Tom Winfield
Best and Fairest: Mitchell Lawson
Most Improved: Connor Sin

City 5 Gold
Player’s Player: Terry Stamatiou
Best and Fairest: Steve Konstantinou
Most Consistent: Phil Makridakis

Player’s Player: Emmanuel Polichronis
Best and Fairest: Costa Kambouris
Most Improved: Steven Sotiropaulos

U18 Division 3
Player’s Player: Samir Mohammed
Best and Fairest: Daniel Le
Most Improved: Geordie Panaretos