2021 Olympic FC NAIDOC Week kits

Olympic FC
The 2021 Olympic FC NAIDOC Week jersey represents the national theme of ‘Heal Country’.
In Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, Country is a concept that encompasses not only the physical landscape, but also the spiritual and the life that exists within.
When we talk about healing Country, it isn’t just an environmental issue, it is one that relates to all of our interactions across all forms of existence.
The jersey features seven vertical stripes that represent elements of country: sky, animals, plains, people, mountains, plants, and waters.
Seven elements were chosen to reflect the Pleiades constellation visible in the night sky, an important star grouping that is represented in Aboriginal Dreaming through the Seven Sisters Dreamings, and in Greek mythology as the daughters of Atlas.
The back of the jersey features a collage of hands cultivated from our Olympic FC community.
The symbolic hand stencil is associated with a belonging to Country, and the inherent responsibility for protection of it. 
These symbols combine to remind us that it is our shared responsibility to care for, and heal, Country in all aspects of the concept. As our Elders teach us from birth, when all people  understand and accept the responsibility of caring for Country, we will be closer to a world built on fairness, sustainability, respect and love.
2021 Olympic FC NAIDOC Week jerseys are available to pre-order now from the Olympic FC Merchandise store ($60 per shirt). Orders close Friday, April 30.