OLYMPIC FC Welcomes Nicola Demaine as its NPL Women's Head Coach

Olympic FC


Olympic FC is thrilled to announce the appointment of Nicola Demaine as the new Head Coach of its NPLW Women’s team. This exciting development signifies Olympic’s continued commitment to fostering excellence and promoting gender equality in football.

Nicola brings a wealth of experience and a strong passion for women’s football to her new role. Nicola holds an A Licence and will be beginning her Pro Licence by the end of 2023. She coached the PNG national women’s team and has a passion for women’s football and is dedicated to developing players and teams to reach their full potential.

As a female head coach, Nicola brings a unique perspective to our program. She understands the challenges and opportunities that female athletes face and is committed to promoting gender equity and inclusion in soccer. Her leadership and mentorship will be invaluable to our team. She has an immense wealth of coaching experience and is well-equipped to lead the NPLW Women’s team to new heights. Her extensive knowledge of the game, strategic acumen, and ability to inspire athletes make her an ideal fit for this position.

Throughout her coaching career, Nicola has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to developing young talents and cultivating a winning culture. Her coaching philosophy revolves around empowering players, building strong team dynamics, and nurturing individual growth. Olympic is confident that her leadership will drive the NPLW Women’s team towards exceptional performances and continued success within the NPLW competition.

As Head Coach, Nicola will oversee all aspects of the team’s training, development, and competition. Her expertise and dedication will contribute to the growth and progression of each player, ensuring that the NPLW Women’s team remains at the forefront of women’s football. Her appointment serves as a significant milestone in Olympic’s mission to create equal opportunities for women in the sport.

“Although I have a big challenge in front of me, I am excited to work with the team. We have a mix of experienced players and very young players. The challenge is to get results while taking care of the developmental needs of those teenagers. I am impressed by the club and can see real potential for the future”.

Mr Peter Ioannidis, President of Olympic said that “we’ve been extremely fortunate to secure the services of such an accomplished coach who has recently coach the PNG national women’s team. Her resume and achievements in women’s football is exactly what we wanted at our club to promote and enhance our female program to the next level. Her approach to youth development will support our younger women playing in our senior team. We are excited with her appointment and her desire to be a part of our club moving forward”.