We urgently need help to ensure our club complies with COVID19 guidelines or we risk a fine or closure of the club.

If you can help out for a couple of hours each week while your child/ren are training (during August at least) it would be a great help. Please CLICK HERE to register your availability. Protective equipment will be provided for your safety.

Any community/semi professional football club thrives on the efforts of its volunteers and Olympic FC is no different. We are always looking for club members who are happy to help make Olympic FC even better. As the cliché says…many hands do make light work



Managing a sports club is a huge task and a great deal goes on in the behind the scenes to keep the club viable and well managed. The club’s volunteer organising committee and a small number of paid staff are charged with this huge responsibility and in practice, often many responsibilities are done by the same one or two people, which is unsustainable. Therefore, with the goal to spread the work and to become more efficient, Olympic FC has now established a Volunteer Programme. Can you spare some time to help lighten the load?

To find out where you can help, please have a look at the various activities and responsibilities below.


  • contribution toward making Olympic FC the best it can be, for your child/ren
  • your choice of hours (2hrs min/week is all that’s required)
  • a $50 voucher to use toward membership fees or club merchandise *conditions apply
  • free admission for your family to home games
  • if you’re a student, an opportunity to gain work experience


Most roles below don’t require a major commitment of time and if you have a particular skill/interest that you would like to offer it would be very much appreciated by all members. It will also mean that by freeing up the current committee members (who volunteer their own time on one more more areas of club management) that more attention can be paid to key areas such as Sponsorship and Fundraising that helps to keep registration fees at a reasonable price for all!

Volunteers are required to…

  • Apply or provide a Volunteer Working with Children Blue Card. The Club can help with this.
  • Attend the volunteer information and on-boarding session and sign up to volunteer via the Olympic FC volunteer platform
  • * Volunteer for min of 20hrs for the season in order to receive the $50 gift voucher
  • Act respectfully and in the best interest of the club at all times
  • Work closely with and under the direction of the relevant committee member department lead

Current Volunteer Openings

The below roles will work closely under the guidance of the relevant committee member for each area to help implement activities/tasks throughout the season

Club will provide

Suitable training (where required), onboarding, a safe environment, support and guidance for all volunteers

  • Online volunteer roster (when/if required)

Find out more or apply to volunteer by emailing: